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News December 28, 2017

Walking example: Pastor loses 40 pounds from new regimen

By Jessica Brodie. It all started from a photo, one the Rev. Robert Walker considered to be a highly unflattering though accurate portrayal of how much weight he’d gained over the years. Little did he know he’d soon become a walking example—literally. Since then he’s walked an average of about 180 miles a month for the year, whether from walking to and from work or doing walking pilgrimages while on vacation, and lost 40 pounds in the process.

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Walking example: Pastor loses 40 pounds from new regimen
Walker hikes in Yushan National Park in Taiwan.
No man left behind
Photo by Matt Brodie. South Carolina United Methodist Men are doing their best to draw 20- to 40-year-olds into their group.
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No man left behind

By Jessica Brodie. If South Carolina men’s ministry leaders have their way, no man will be left behind when it comes to Christ. But right now, they have to admit: United Methodist Men are looking a bit gray. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it leaves out an entirely different generation of men who could use that kind of Christian male fellowship and discipleship. And that, they say, is simply not acceptable. That is why they're shifting into overdrive this year in a bold new outreach to intentionally reach younger men and draw them into the fold.
Touched beyond measure
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Touched beyond measure

To me, the best parts of the Christmas are when we can hit pause on the busy button and do just that: breathe. Marvel at the glossy wrapping paper and glittery bows. Sigh in wonder at the sparkling lights on the nine-foot-tall tree inside the bank. Close my eyes and offer a silent prayer of appreciation as I cuddle on the couch with my husband and little ones, grateful for all things God brings—good and bad and the gray somewhere in between. A column by Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie.

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