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News March 2, 2010

Older Adult Retreat

The Older Adult Retreat held each year is “one of the best kept secrets in the conference,” said Bayard Lindell of Greenwood’s Main Street UMC.

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Stronger than ever: Advent UMC rallies after fire
Advent pastor the Rev. Michael Turner said one powerful sign of God’s providence and grace was illuminated through the large wooden cross that had been hanging in their sanctuary. While most of the roof was destroyed, the cross remained. It is now misshapen and some of wood has cracked and it reeks of smoke, but it remained nonetheless. The fact that the cross survived is a sign God is going to do what He has done in the past, Turner said: bring new life and order out of chaos and destruction. Photo by Matt Brodie.
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Stronger than ever: Advent UMC rallies after fire

By Jessica Brodie. Advent United Methodist Church is recovering this month after a fire Feb. 8 destroyed its sanctuary. No one was injured in the blaze, which happened around lunchtime that day after construction crews renovating the structure reportedly sparked a small fire while cutting steel. Now, church leaders are doing their best to carry on, armed with prayer and a commitment to perseverance. “The building burned, but the church is still here, and we’re moving forward,” said the Rev. Michael Turner, Advent’s senior pastor. “We believe we’ll be stronger than ever.”
Lent: A time to ask ourselves some hard truths
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Lent: A time to ask ourselves some hard truths

By Jessica Brodie. Forty days. It’s a powerful period. Moses was on Mount Sinai for 40 days. Noah and his family saw 40 days of rain while they were on the ark. Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness for 40 days, preparing himself for his ministry.

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