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News April 26, 2011

Annual Conference to offer full child care

By Jessica Connor. From a family standpoint, attending last year’s Annual Conference was a hardship for the Rev. Brian Arant. His wife came along, but with no opportunities for their two young children to interact with their peers and no child care, his family was mostly relegated to a hotel room.

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S.C. United Methodists among first to help Puerto Rico rebuild efforts
Photo by Matt Brodie. The South Carolina team works on a new roof at a home March 1 in Hatillo, in northwest Puerto Rico. The team—the first rebuild team to work through a partnership with the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico and Home Depot—included a mix of South Carolina Annual Conference disaster response and UMVIM Early Response Team leaders, as well as members of Mount Horeb UMC, Lexington: Team leader Nate Gibson, ERT Coordinator Billy Robinson, Conference Disaster Response Coordinator Matt Brodie, the Rev. Mike Evans, Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie, Jason Bost, Keith Fairchild, David Ivey, Keith Rowland and Nick Shelly.
4 Comments   Mar 9, 2018

S.C. United Methodists among first to help Puerto Rico rebuild efforts

A South Carolina rebuild and response team headed to Puerto Rico recently as the first to help the storm-battered island begin recovery through a new partnership between UMCOR, Home Depot and the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico. Jessica Brodie has the story.
A tithe of time
2 Comments   Feb 22, 2018

A tithe of time

By Jessica Brodie. Giving back with the first tenth of what I “have”—whether that’s money or time—is an important symbol of faith and homage, a gesture of respecting His authority. Now I start each day by offering my tithe of time, just like I tithe my money. He gets my “first fruits.” It doesn’t matter what else the day holds; He comes first. And ironically, just like I haven’t missed the money I tithe to Him, I don’t miss the time, either.

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