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Views December 22, 2009

Unintended Consequences

By Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor. The first time I saw it, it scared me to death. We were coming home in the evening, and the car headlights illuminated the red eyes of a large rat-like animal crossing the street into our front yard. Instead of a very fat rat, we decided it was a very round opossum.

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Bouncing back: After struggle, Wallace Family Life Center begins rebound
Photo by Jessica Brodie
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Bouncing back: After struggle, Wallace Family Life Center begins rebound

By Jessica Brodie. Cabbage and baked chicken simmer in the kitchen as they gather around the folding tables in the community room at Wallace Family Life Center—older ladies and one older man, all huddled in pairs with calculators and workbooks, their pencils poised and brows furrowed. As they work, program coordinator Linda Sanders stirs the cabbage and tells her tale. Like many in the Wallace community, Sanders has seen the center go from a thriving haven to a struggling operation and back again. And today, as the center continues its climb, she says she’s trusting in God to use her and the other staff and volunteers to be His conduit, helping the people get the help they need.
A tithe of time
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A tithe of time

By Jessica Brodie. Giving back with the first tenth of what I “have”—whether that’s money or time—is an important symbol of faith and homage, a gesture of respecting His authority. Now I start each day by offering my tithe of time, just like I tithe my money. He gets my “first fruits.” It doesn’t matter what else the day holds; He comes first. And ironically, just like I haven’t missed the money I tithe to Him, I don’t miss the time, either.

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