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News July 30, 2010

Spirit, spark draw laity

By Jessica Connor. Organizers are calling the 2010 Laity Convocation a stellar gathering that raised the bar on events to come – despite attendance from a crowd of fewer than 250, likely because of the holiday timing.

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Views July 30, 2010

The Wow Factor

By Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor. Every once in a while, the only word that can begin to describe it is “wow.” It is the spontaneous expression reserved for those times when something stops the routine, wakes us up and grabs our attention. In wonder and amazement, we are stopped right in our tracks. Our expectations have been exceeded. Something has touched us deeply, and we want to talk about it.

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Editor's Views July 30, 2010

What’s on your UM T-shirt?

By Jessica Connor. At Laity Convocation last month, Columbia District Superintendent the Rev. Tim McClendon talked about something I just can’t get off my mind. He called it the “T-shirt test” and wondered how, on such a small piece of cloth, we could possibly fit the message of United Methodism. After all, T-shirts are supposed to be quick-reads. And while meaningful, let’s face it – the vision and purpose of the S.C. Conference of the United Methodist Church is pretty long.

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‘God has it’: Rural Mission on pause while new plan unfolds
Photo by Jessica Brodie. Linda Gadson, director of the now “on pause” Rural Mission, leads the mission’s prayer warriors in prayer.
No Comments   Mar 26, 2019

‘God has it’: Rural Mission on pause while new plan unfolds

By Jessica Brodie. Rural Mission’s longtime director Linda Dingle Gadson was one of the first of four African-American females to graduate from the College of Charleston, and she has spent the last five decades in service to the rural poor.  And now, less than a month after her beloved Rural Mission has closed its doors, citing a “time of transition,” Gadson is holding tight to faith, counting her blessings—and figuring out how she and others can continue to support the people of the Sea Islands. On Feb. 28, the 50-year-old Rural Mission announced the ministry would be entering an “indefinite time of closed operations” as leaders determine the best way to address a sustainable future. Gadson has been at the helm of Rural Mission since 1972, most of the ministry’s existence.
God is on the move in South Carolina
2 Comments   Mar 26, 2019

God is on the move in South Carolina

In the aftermath of General Conference, Editor Jessica Brodie reflects on how no matter what we sinful and imperfect human beings get wrong, God is on the move in spite of and perhaps because of us, shining through us in big ways and small.

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