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Uncategorized July 1, 2010

Pay attention to energy and carbon spending

{mosimage}If you’re using SCE&G to get your electricity and gas less than 2 percent comes from renewable sources, about average in the nation. Unless you find a way to live completely “off the grid” or install solar or wind power, you have little choice except to cut your usage. The federal goal is to increase the percentage of power companies’ use of renewables to 15 to 20 percent.

So what to do?

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Uncategorized July 1, 2010

Faith Principles on Global Warming


Justice:  Acknowledge global warming’s societal impact falls most heavily on the poor and vulnerable, and the United States disproportionately contributes to greenhouse gas, it is incumbent upon us to rectify this injustice.
: Heed the call to be faithful stewards and caretakers of God’s creation.
Enable biological and social systems that nurture and support life not be depleted or poisoned.
In a world of finite resources, we must make changes in our lifestyles and, particularly, in our energy consumption.

– Adapted from the Eco-Justice Program, National Council of Churches USA

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‘God has it’: Rural Mission on pause while new plan unfolds
Photo by Jessica Brodie. Linda Gadson, director of the now “on pause” Rural Mission, leads the mission’s prayer warriors in prayer.
No Comments   Mar 26, 2019

‘God has it’: Rural Mission on pause while new plan unfolds

By Jessica Brodie. Rural Mission’s longtime director Linda Dingle Gadson was one of the first of four African-American females to graduate from the College of Charleston, and she has spent the last five decades in service to the rural poor.  And now, less than a month after her beloved Rural Mission has closed its doors, citing a “time of transition,” Gadson is holding tight to faith, counting her blessings—and figuring out how she and others can continue to support the people of the Sea Islands. On Feb. 28, the 50-year-old Rural Mission announced the ministry would be entering an “indefinite time of closed operations” as leaders determine the best way to address a sustainable future. Gadson has been at the helm of Rural Mission since 1972, most of the ministry’s existence.
God is on the move in South Carolina
2 Comments   Mar 26, 2019

God is on the move in South Carolina

In the aftermath of General Conference, Editor Jessica Brodie reflects on how no matter what we sinful and imperfect human beings get wrong, God is on the move in spite of and perhaps because of us, shining through us in big ways and small.

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