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Editor's Views November 20, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

Jesus’s birthday party

By Jessica Connor. Red-faced and sad, I have to confess: This morning I asked my 7-year-old son, “Do you remember why we celebrate Christmas?” and he responded, “Because it’s Santa Claus’s birthday.” With a crash, all my happy notions that I was doing right by him as a Christian parent crumbled to the ground, replaced with shock and disbelief.

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News October 29, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

Ready to respond: S.C. Conference begins comprehensive disaster response plan

By Jessica Connor. The storm does not discriminate—it has no understanding who is rich or poor, man or woman, black or white. Destruction occurs. The total upheaval of life occurs. And then we pick up the pieces. With those words, S.C. Conference Disaster Response Coordinator the Rev. George Olive opened a meeting Sept. 26 to help the conference take its first steps toward establishing a comprehensive disaster response plan.

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News October 29, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

South Carolina wins 25 UMAC awards

South Carolina has won more than two dozen writing, photography, video, website and publication awards from the United Methodist Association of Communicators — including 18 awards for the Advocate and its staff.

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News October 29, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

Conference email server upgrading to Google

By Jessica Connor. The S.C. Conference is getting an email upgrade that should bring more integration, collaboration and efficiency — and remedy the troubling “lost email messages” problem that had been plaguing many statewide.

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Editor's Views October 29, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

My election prayer

By Jessica Connor. Prayer is a powerful, powerful thing. We pray for safety, for health, for strength, for comfort. On prayer lists and church bulletins, in worship and in small groups, we pray for a friend diagnosed with cancer or an acquaintance recently widowed.

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Bishop's Corner October 29, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

A faithful diet

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. Have you ever received words of inspiration from a family member, mentor, teacher or someone you value?

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Bishop's Corner September 24, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

A fresh start

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. There is nothing more spectacular than something new. It signals to all something fresh, original or different than before: new clothes, new school year, new teachers, new outlook, a new start.

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News September 24, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

Spirituality and healing: UM physician turns focus to mind-body-medicine and spirituality link

By Jessica Connor. John Simmons, M.D., will never forget the time he and a group of physicians were in a hospital room, crowded around a woman’s bed, talking over her head about what ailed her and how to proceed. When it came time for him to voice his medical opinion, the lifelong United Methodist did something a little unorthodox. He sat down on her bed, reached out and took her hand (which had been restlessly fidgeting the whole time the doctors were there), and looked into her eyes.

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Editor's Views September 24, 2012 posted by Jessica Brodie

Decisions, decisions

By Jessica Connor. “Mom, look – chocolate cereal!” Cameron said, eyes bright in his 6-year-old face. “Oooooooh, Dora cereal!” 4-year-old Avery exclaimed. “Ooh, and strawberries!”

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