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News October 30, 2009

Prayer: Oxygen for the Soul

A candle goes out when it is snuffed because it lacks oxygen. In like manner, prayer is the oxygen for the soul, said the Rev. Dr. Tom Albin, dean of the Upper Room Chapel in Nashville, TN.

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Unanimous: Historic Washington Street UMC votes to join Reconciling Ministries
19 Comments   Aug 26, 2019

Unanimous: Historic Washington Street UMC votes to join Reconciling Ministries

One of South Carolina’s oldest and largest United Methodist churches has joined the Reconciling Ministries Network. Washington Street UMC Church Council voted unanimously July 29 to join the network, an unofficial caucus of United Methodists that promotes full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other individuals in the life of the church. The vote makes Washington Street the only reconciling congregation in the South Carolina Conference of the UMC, though there are at least 11 additional reconciling Sunday school classes and other communities in various UMCs across the state. By Jessica Brodie.
Standing together
1 Comment   Aug 26, 2019

Standing together

Keeping people out of prison is not about being “soft” on crime or altering laws. It’s about coming together as a responsible and loving community before crimes occur. It’s standing with our young people before they walk down the wrong path or begin to make poor choices. It’s coming alongside them with accountable mentoring relationships that expose them to positive life models and high expectations. A column by Jessica Brodie.

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